Upgrade your Coaster!

Almost any roller coaster can get equipped with the VR Coaster hardware, consisting of a
position sensor and the VR Coaster Black Box.
With the years of experience at
Mack Rides and EMIS, the VR Coaster equipment is a reliable and robust onboard hardware system, developed for
the tough conditions of a roller coaster.


A single VR Coaster Box can sync any number of headsets in reach!

No more loss in capacity

Add this system to your VR Coaster installation and get rid of all the operational hassle! A single operator can now monitor the status of all headsets and gets automated green light when the ride can start!
Thanks to motion capture tracking, each headset knows exactly in which vehicle and seat it is being used - it even automatically aligns the VR vehicle to the real coach orientation. Each headset features tracking markers with colored LEDs that clearly show if they are good to go - or if they need
attention before handing them out.
Run your VR rides with
much less staff and much more relaxed then ever before!
Get back to throughput levels just like operating without VR headsets: Using this system,
Crazy Bats at Phantasialand maintains the original high capacity of 1200 guests per hour, even though all guests are riding with VR.



Our Cover protects the VR headset and connects it with a robust headstrap. Comes optionally with headphones and tracking marker

Pico Headsets + Customizable Cover

VR Coaster has joined forces with Pico Interactive to provide the most reliable solution for robust location based VR.
Our clients benefit from highly increased throughput and much easier maintenance. Pico devices are extremely robust: Even in the hottest areas of the world, there are no issues with overheating.
And they combine 4K hardware with a fully controllable operating system, without any consumer software getting in the way.

Our durable Cover solution protects the VR device and connects it with a robust headstraps system - fully customizable with logo prints, designs and colors, optionally also with headphones and chin straps. Proper cable management prevents any hassle with headphones or USB cables. Also, our optional marker tracking system for automated orientation and seat detection is seamlessly integrated into the casing.



Don't try this at home: Our patent pending modification makes Pico Headsets immune to sunlight damage!

No more Burnmarks

Our patent pending Sun Protection modification is the perfect solution for Outdoor VR, without any useless coatings or filters.
Otherwise, sunlight would damage the sensitive LCD optics within a few seconds.
It works perfectly in Legoland Florida and many other sunny theme parks around the world!



Pioneering the Augmented Thrill Ride

Since early 2014, we've been doing research on extending real roller coasters with VR headsets – both combined perfectly using a path measurement system for a precise synchronization between the real ride and the virtual ride. And, ever since our very first tests, we knew that this would change the way people will be experiencing thrill rides forever.

Today, we have already equipped over 60 internationally renowned Theme Parks all over the world.

We have patented the process of extending roller coasters, rides or vehicles with mobile VR headsets of the passengers.
This mobile approach solves all the classic VR issues, such as hygienics, damaging vibrations of mounted computers, cable issues or maintenance
of VR hardware, just to name a view.

Our system focusses on the Pico G2 mobile VR Headsets, as these devices delivers the most convincing and immersive mobile VR experience to date.


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