Upgrade your Coaster!

Almost any roller coaster can get equipped with the VR Coaster hardware, consisting of a
position sensor and the VR Coaster Black Box.
With the years of experience at
Mack Rides and EMIS, the VR Coaster equipment is a reliable and robust onboard hardware system, developed for
the tough conditions of a roller coaster.


A single VR Coaster Box can sync any number of headsets in reach!



Pioneering the Augmented Thrill Ride

Since early 2014, we've been doing research on extending real roller coasters with VR headsets – both combined perfectly using a path measurement system for a precise synchronization between the real ride and the virtual ride. And, ever since our very first tests, we knew that this would change the way people will be experiencing thrill rides forever.

Today, we have already equipped over 20 internationally renowned Theme Parks all over the world.



Even small or aged coasters can simulate an amazing, adrenalin-filled ride, with increased virtual heights, dimensions and speed!


Introducing the VR Coaster System

We have patented the process of extending roller coasters, rides or vehicles with mobile Virtual Reality (or Augmented Reality) headsets of the passengers.
This mobile approach solves all the classic VR issues, such as hygienics, damaging vibrations of mounted computers, cable issues or maintenance
of VR hardware, just to name a view.

Our system focusses on the
Samsung Gear VR, as this device delivers the most convincing and immersive mobile VR experience to date.

And, as we are receiving great support by Samsung, we can help you set up the required headset supply for your VR Coaster Attraction!




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