The Diving Theatre



Dive into a whole new level of immersion!

Our patent pending SwimVR setup creates an all-new, ground breaking water attraction:
Entering a virtual world in a
real underwater environment is a magical VR experience!
The synchronized water flow reminded us of a Flying Theatre... And so the
Diving Theatre was born!

As easy as Snorkeling

The Diving Theatre adventure is open to any water park guests, without prior knowledge about diving. It's as accessible and easy to use as an arcade machine.

Optimized Underwater Headset
VR Coaster has joined forces with diving experts to develop a high-performance, water-proof VR headset, specifically optimized for underwater use with perfectly balanced weight and adapted optics.

High Throughput
The Diving Theatre is a lightweight solution to easily retrofit any swimming pool. Despite a very lean footprint, it allows for high throughput and capacity that is needed in a water park!

Stunning Experience
Turn any shallow non-swimmer pool into an exciting diving space! Our powerful engines and underwater sound are both synchronized to your VR adventure: Get ready to encounter prehistoric sharks, ship wrecks or travel to Atlantis...

Huge Spaces with minimal Footprint
Our patent pending scooter engine setup creates the sensation of dashing freely through huge underwater spaces - although each guest will permanently stay at exactly the same spot.

  A stable rig holds the engines that are controlled and synchronized by a centralized computer.  
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