Superman - Virtual Reality Coaster Installation for Six Flags  
  Superman - The Ride Virtual Reality Coaster | VR content creation for SixFlags  

Get ready for a revolutionary Experience

With over 20 equipped parks worldwide and the team of pioneers who started it all, VR Coaster is the leader in VR extended coaster rides!
Our patent pending VR Coaster system makes any roller coaster compatible to
Mobile VR Headsets - and our creative team provides the high-end Virtual Reality visuals to amaze your guests.

Combining virtual reality with real forces, real drops and real airtime creates the most amazing ride experience ever.
From space battles to riding a flying dragon, anything is possible – even
interaction and gaming!

Developed on Mack Rides Coasters Mack Rides Logo

  VR Coaster ride creation for MackMedia "Alpenexpress Coastiality", Europa-Park, Germany  

Discover High-End Mobile VR Content

VR Coaster offers years of expertise in 3D realtime content creation and works with passion to bring your ideas to life!
From award-winning game design to optimized high-end mobile 3D graphics and extensive virtual reality know-how, our team will turn any content, story or IP into a compelling
state of the art VR experience!

  VR Coaster can turn a "horseshoe" track element into a flying stage coach experience!  

Robust, flexible, lightweight

VR Coaster is fully compatible to the Samsung Gear VR headset.
Using wireless connectivity, the VR experience will always be synchronized precisely with the real ride!

No cables, no onboard CG hardware, no sanitary issues:
Your guests can keep their clean and optically adjusted headset for the entire stay in the park.
No need to put on a headset that has been worn by hundreds of people before.


Use your own headset
Adjust your own optics
Choose from a range of VR-rides
Real ride & VR precisely synchronized
Coasters become space battles


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